The rainbow is a fitting metaphor for contemporary South Africa. Post-apartheid, people of incredibly diverse origins, cultures, languages, and religions share the country, living side by side. It is hard to imagine cities more cosmopolitan than the likes of Cape Town and Johannesburg. 

Cape Town in particular is a place of rich history, shaped over the centuries by the Dutch East India Company, British rule, and then, since 1910, by the South African people themselves. We love this city because of the way the manmade urban landscape nestles between the cliffs of Table Mountain and the waters and beaches of Table Bay. It also has a diverse architectural heritage found in the Cape Dutch buildings, V&A Waterfront, and around the Grand Parade.

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu was the first person to call South Africa the "Rainbow Nation”. It’s a reflection on the fascinating diversity of this country, not only in the identities of its people but in the landscapes, wildlife, cultures, and activities it offers. South Africa is a country which, because of its variety, can be all things to all people, truly a rainbow of varied opportunities and experiences.